Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch Slots
Are you up for something completely different and innovative, while fun and generous? Then try out this new and exciting opportunity by RTG (Real Time Gaming) who never fails to surprise all the fan of their slot games. This is a completely different and new experience which is nothing like you have ever experienced before in a slot machine. No reels or spins in here, instead great amount of different fishes and marine creatures which you have to shoot to get your wins. At the same time playing the game is easy and there are some generous payouts available in the game. You will never feel bored here and will want to come back for more as this great opportunity is rather very magnetic and always interesting. Above all, in case you love strategic games, you will love just how your great dedication and accuracy may help you hit some of the top wins of the game. Give it a try!

Theme and Structure

Starting from the theme of the game, you of course must have guessed that you will be enjoying some underwater experience that comes with all the wonderful creatures of the marine world. You will have some nice Swordfish, Squids, Clown fish, Mermaids to hunt for in the game while enjoying great graphics and marine colors on the background. The structure is pretty easy to follow and you will be able to easily access all the tabs that you need in order to play the game. You have the support, account dashboard, funds balance, help in addition to other helpful info all on your screen and reaching the info that you may need is pretty simple. You will also of course have your gun and the cannon which you can use to shoot the creatures for your wins. So, as you see, the game is something fresh and different and you will enjoy just how creative the developers from RTG can be when it comes to creating these types of machines.


The real fun becomes when you start shooting your first jackpots in the game. Playing it is super simple and you may face no difficulties in adjusting your cannon for perfect shots. You simply need to try to be as precise as possible while concentrating on which type of fish you need to aim at. Different marine creatures in the game have different values and hence you can aim at the top paying ones. At the same time you can also choose how much you wish to bet on your each shot. You have the options between 0.1 and 2.50 while using the available + and – buttons to make appropriate adjustments. You can increase and decrease your firepower with up to 10x wager and enjoy even higher jackpots which will become available for you. So, as you see there is no need to play on any reels or make any spins. This game is more about strategy and being precise and it can be truly magnetic as well.

Mobile Version

The game is also possible to be played on mobile devices just as perfectly as on desktop. The creators made sure you have all the flexible options out there and hence you can use the easy download as perfectly as the instant play mode. In any case you will enjoy great quality and endless opportunities while taking your favorite innovative game with you wherever you go.

Payouts and Bonuses

The game is special and different when it comes to the special features and bonuses as well. You have no traditional jackpots in the game while you get the opportunity to enjoy the top payouts of up to 1000 times of your initial bet. In addition, you have a special and super generous Mermaid’s Luck feature. This is the gorgeous one who will be there to get you the sweet amount worth $2500 which you need to be fast to collect. So join the great fun and exciting experience and discover all the opportunities you have in here. Enjoy!