High Rollers Slots

Aww sweet 60's… Do you also wish to revisit the retro world for some old style fun and excitement? Join High Rollers slot by RTG to have it all and also get the opportunity to hit some serious wins as you play and party. Here you will get all the great opportunities, perfect wild symbols, bonus rounds and of course the most desired and hottest progressive jackpots. If you get in with this great slot you should be ready to be rewarded and be rewarded big. It's pleasantly not only about the fun of enjoying the experience of the nicely themed and designed quality slot but also hitting some big cash. So for the nice vibes from 60's and for your great big wins you will want to join in and start spinning the lucky reels of High Rollers slot!


At High Rollers slots you will be able to feel the spirit of 60's in the sweetest 'flower power' style which is presented by the creators in the highest quality and with incredible attention to details. The symbols of the game are taken right out from the famous Woodstock festival, ranging from VW hippy vans, tie dye t-shirts, butterflies, lava lamps and of course peace signs. At the same time these sweet and peaceful symbols can be highly rewarding once you land them in the great winning combinations. Also make sure to land your wild sign which is of course the symbol of Peace in this wonderful game. This gorgeous symbol will substitute for other symbols in the winning combinations to provide you a great payout. Another greatly rewarding symbol here is VW van, 5 of which will reward you with the highest payout in this game. Meanwhile make sure you bet at max to hit this large payout. However you will still get a nice payout if you decide to play from 1 to 4 lines only this time the payouts will be a bit less- in total worth up to 48 coins.


One of the most widely popular slots out there High Rollers is 3 reels and 5 pay lanes slot game which offer very flexible and of course simple betting opportunities. You can bet any amount between $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1 and $5 and go for playing any desired amount of lines you wish. In addition you can add basically endless credits from your account and enjoy big plays at big bets. You can choose to add $5, $20 or $100 credits options for as many times as you may wish. If you plan to aim on the largest payouts you may wish to be playing at your maximum at all times. In fact you can use the great feature of playing the maximum amount of $25 per spin with just one simple click which is always available on your shiny screen. Meanwhile you can always keep it active to play for less lines choosing bet one option and adjusting your desired amount. But you need to know that the largest wins become available only to the maximalist players who bet at their max so you are free to decide your faith based on your desires for the wins at this brilliant slot!

Bonuses and Jackpots

In addition to the great wild symbol which will help you have more frequent and even bigger wins you may want to look for even more and not less exciting bonus combinations which will be coming to your way as you play on. You can be sure that the sweet bonuses and incredible extra opportunities will keep you motivated and make you want to be looking for more at all times. Above all, this game will always remain so exciting for you to play due to the great progressive jackpot which is possible to hit at any point of your play. So keep playing and aiming on big wins. The slots and magic reels will do the rest for you!