Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

For all the cat lovers out there! RTG has a fine classic slot full of great win opportunities just for you. At Operation M.Y.O.W. slots you will find loads of lovely kittens all different and dressed up nicely making adorable sounds as you play on. In addition to quality and great design you will be able to enjoy creative approach to your favorite pets and the exciting gaming experience. This is a flexible slot game aiming on giving you loads of opportunities and game options to hit some big wins. The M.Y.O.W. in the name of the slot stands for Make Your Own Win giving you heaps of great opportunities of excitement great jackpots to hit. In addition you will feel the great inspiration from Asian culture and will get the chance to have a nice walk in the streets of large cities as you go for a hunt for your new big wins. So join these lovely and generous kittens and try to resist the endless fun and cuteness while you are going to hit the top jackpots of the game. Good luck!


Operation: M.Y.O.W. Slot is an incredibly generous classic 3-reel and 1-line classic slot game offering convenient and flexible betting options. You can bet from the minimum of $0.05 to $0.25, $0.50, $1 or $5. In addition when you decide on your coin value, you can then buy some credits by clicking the $5, $25 and $100 chips. The best part here is that you will have the opportunity to buy as many chips as you may wish as well as use the red Cash Out button to receive your payout at any time. At this point you are all set to play this amazing slot and the only thing that is left for you to do is to decide the number of coins you wish to play and give it a go. You can choose to play from 1 to maximum of 3 coins per spin. This means you will have the chance to place your maximum bet if $15 for each spin. Just note that when you bet at your max you get more value and larger win opportunities in this game.

Symbols and Payouts

Unlike most of the classic slots out there which offer static paytable where payouts for each symbol are fixed, Operation M.Y.O.W. has a flexible paytable where you can choose the one you wish to play and see appropriately featured cat symbols as they top payout. You can simply use the Next Pay Table button to make your choice and start enjoying. All the cat symbols you will find here are dressed up in different costumes and make different sounds as you switch to your next paytable. You will have in total of 5 different paytables on Operation M.Y.O.W. including Lucky Cat, Bat Cat, Kung Fu Kitty, Catzilla and The King. Although you will notice that all the paytables have the same symbols, each of them will award different payouts depending on which paytable you decide to play. In addition what keeps this slot so classic and simple is that there are no other extra complicated features which could become destruction from enjoying your nice classic experience. These 5 games in one opportunity here is still easy to play while giving you so many flexible options so be sure you will always be having something new and fresh to look forward to while playing Operation M.Y.O.W. slots.


Now get ready to hear about your most favorite symbols and sweet jackpots of this game. Firstly you will want to be always trying to land the Catzilla symbol on the Catzilla pay table. 3 of these shiny symbols will get you the top jackpot of 5000 coins when you bet at your maximum. Next, you will have the opportunity to hit the second highest jackpot worth 1500 coins which is possible to get when you land the Lucky Cat symbol on the Lucky Cat pay table. There are loads of opportunities to still discover at this game, so join the new adventure and start exploring on!