Triple 7 Inferno Slots

The Triple 7 Inferno slot was originally created by RTG – now known as Spin Logic Gaming across some regions, so don’t be surprised if you see their moniker attached to it. Get ready to discover what’s in store here as you read our review of this slot as things begin to hot up…

Reels and paylines available in Triple 7 Inferno

The game offers three reels to spin, and there is only one line in action as well.

This is not a penny slot, however

The cheapest coin is worth five cents, and there are others reaching a maximum of $5. You can also choose up to three coins to play on that payline.

Does Triple 7 Inferno include any notable icons to watch out for?

The game doesn’t have any wilds or scatters, sadly, although that isn’t too unusual for such a small game.

It does have a blank spot on the reels though, and that can come in useful at times, as you will see below.

Does that blank space lead to a bonus of any kind?

The task is to land three blank spots on the payline, because this can lead to a prize. Yes, a prize for essentially getting nothing!

While there are no special icons in view, there are three in the game – the three offering the highest prizes – that only pay out when you have three in place on the payline and you have bet two or three coins on it. If you only bet one, you won’t receive a prize if those show up. Take this into account when you are thinking about how many coins to play. Bear your budget in mind too, of course.

Does Triple 7 Inferno ignite your gaming desires?

This is a basic three-reel game, but it does have a few elements to change things up a little. To have the full opportunity to score some prizes of any size, a two- or three-coin bet is best, but this won’t suit every player. However, if you prefer a larger bet on a three-reel game, this title might suit your requirements if you want to check it out.