Yuan Gu Sheng Shou Slots

An exciting slot gaming opportunity full of Chinese characters and color is waiting for you. Yuan Gu Sheng Shou was developed by RTG, a brilliant gaming developer who knows how to turn a true Asian experience into a rewarding and thrilling slot machine. Here you will get to benefit from amazing bonuses, sweet payouts, and flexible game play. Meanwhile, you will have the chance to explore a very interesting theme which will take you to the other part of the world full of rich culture and history. If you love amazing and quality slot machines, this is the opportunity to try out. Come to enjoy the generosity of the Chinese culture and wonderful colors the slot game has to offer. Have fun!

Theme and Symbols

Yet another time interesting and rich Chinese culture is here to inspire slot game lovers all around the world. RTG, as always, did a great job bringing the great culture into life with some of the most amazing combinations and generous rewards you will enjoy. This time you will meet some nice and interesting characters of the mysterious Chinese mythology. There are loads of Gods and powerful images you will see as you play the wonderful game, in addition to different emperors and interesting animals. The game will give you no reason to get bored as new characters and interesting items will keep coming to you as you spin the colorful and rich reels of the game. Make sure you also make the most of the special symbols of the game as well. Good luck!


The interesting game comes with simple and smooth game play which is always good news for players looking for a chilled way to enjoy their favorite games. Here you have 5 x 3 reels to play on amazing 10 pay lines. You are more than welcome to choose the amount you wish to bet on each of the spins. The betting amounts vary among 0.01 to 1 on each of the lines. So in case you are after the top payouts of the game, you will enjoy betting on all the 10 lines with the top bet worth 10 per spin. In addition to all the great options, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the game on your mobile device with or without downloading. The great opportunities keep growing in here and you will love checking out them all in order to add some excitement to your experience as well as find the most convenient option just for you.


Another great part of this game is the fact that it comes with some special bonus features and free games. In order to enjoy them all, you may want to keep an eye on the special symbols of the game. You will have a nice generous wild and scattered symbol to enjoy in this game. The wild will help you get the most generous payouts of the game in addition to getting you faster-wining combinations. Able all, the exciting free spins and multipliers are activated by the great scattered symbols which will keep the great mood going for a very long time. So, as you see, here you will have a full quality and exciting experience and hence hurry to join and have the most of your game play. Good luck!