Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots

What about some sweet, interesting and different battle for today? Up for experiencing something new? Here is something very unique for you by RTG! Ever imagined what a real battle between beauty and the beast would look like. Now you don't have to imagine just try out the great slot game Zombies vs Cheerleaders. In addition to the great experience you are about to have here, you also have some of the sweetest payouts to aim at. The game is full of shiny opportunities for you. All the great charming and scary characters come with the great rewards and there are of course some sweet bonuses that will come to your way as you play on. Above all the creators took care of your convenience as you play the game so your entire gameplay will be an enjoyable and simple process. Join the battle today!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the slot game Zombies vs Cheerleaders will be perfect for those players interested in horror and comedy genre stories and movies. The game comes with attractive cheerleader characters which are highly powerful and strong when it comes to destroying the brain eating monsters. Those are disgusting and scary as you could have imagined, but the courageous and of course gorgeous cheerleaders know how to destroy them and the more zombies die the more win opportunities you get. In addition to simple combinations with the symbols that have fixed payouts you also have the sweetest bonus symbols which come with great extra win opportunities for you.


Your new and interesting battle starts taking place as soon as you give your shiny 5 reels a nice and smooth spin! You also have the most rewarding 25 pay lines all of which you may wish to play and make the most use of. The game is very flexible and convenient for all types of players. In case you wish to bet at the minimum amounts you will be glad to know that in the game you may start placing your bets starting from just 0.05 for each spin. In addition, if you wish to be aiming at hitting the top payouts of the game, you also have a great opportunity to bet to up to 5.00 per spin which is the maximum amount. Above all your total maximum bet size can be worth up to 125.00 for one spin in case you go ahead and play all the available lines!


As concluded from the spirit of the game the more zombies are destroyed the higher payouts you may expect so don't be surprised to know that your sweet wild symbol of the game is blood covered axe which has some of the best opportunities for you. In addition to helping you get winning combinations more easily, as it is there to subsidize for the missing symbols in your winning combinations, it also has the great opportunity to get you even higher payouts! You also of course have the great scattered symbol which is the logo for the game. This one is even more generous so you may want to keep an eye on this great opportunity for you as it will get you the chance to triggers some of the sweetest free rounds, bonus features and of course top generous payouts. You have sweet bonus features such as the Battle feature which is super generous as it can award you up to 6 free spins. You will be glad to know that the wins you manage to hit during your free spins are going to be paid out in even higher amounts. So you are going to love your great bonus spins here! Then you also have the great bonus opportunity which can be awarded randomly. This means that as you play on you may get some great sweet bonus opportunities which will become the most pleasant surprises of this game for you. So join in and start exploring your great opportunities as you enjoy the unique theme of this great slot game!