Boy King's Treasure Slots

Are you looking for some mysterious experience where you will be offered to discover some ancient treasures? Join the perfect experience with Boy King's Treasure Slots game which is another brilliant piece of art by RTG (real time gaming software) with rich features and fantastic and highly rewarding symbols which are so desirable to land on your reels. You will find here one of the best wild symbols, a scatter symbol and a top payout of 3,600 coins which will definitely make this slot one of your most favorite ones out there. You will also find this experience a pleasure to spend your time in while having some sweet rewards and large payouts. You will enjoy the enchanting music of the slots, and a changeable backdrop that alternates between a beautiful daytime landscape and a magical nighttime theme. You will feel the great atmosphere and magical energy coming from your screen which is always brilliant and so tempting. As to your magical symbols you are offered to enjoy a bit of mystery with typical Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine as well as rich Egyptian symbols including a Cobra, a blue statue, a golden bracelet, a mask, a falcon, and the face of the Boy King himself. So for your next mysterious and rewarding experience you simply need to give this brilliant slot a go and start enjoying right away.

Gameplay and Features

Boy Kings Treasure Slot Game is a nice and tasteful ancient Egyptian style 5 reel slot which offers 20 pay lines. It is super easy to play starting at only 0.01 credits up to 5.00 credits per line. You can choose to play only one line betting from 0.01 up to 0.20 credits on minimum bets or go for the big wins and start playing all the lines up to 100.00 credits per game as the maximum bet straight away. In addition you will find it so exciting to make use of the great rich and super useful features of the game. One of the mean features you are going to love is the autoplay feature. You can choose how much you wish to bet on each spin and of course set the number of spins you wish to have non-stop. After making your own adjustments you just click on play and you are ready to start enjoying the great spins of opportunities with no further efforts at all.

Symbols and Bonuses

At Boy King's Treasure slots you will have the wild symbol of King Tut which doubles your prize payout any time you land it in your winning combination. The largest payout possible you can hit with these slots is worth 3,600 coins and you can achieve it when you get 4 Bracelets symbols and 1 wild symbol which is King Tut.

You will also want to be looking for the sweet scatter symbol which is the Snakes symbol. Once you land three Snakes you get the opportunity to win up to $15,000 if you bet at your maximum. Your scatter symbol is a real treasure which can pay out a multiplier of your total bet. The multiplier works very easy- if you land 3 snakes you hit the 5x multiplier, for 4 snakes you get 25x multiplier and 5 snakes will get you the sweetest 100x multiplier!

On top of these crazy advantages Boy King's Treasure also offers a free spins bonus. 15 free spins are triggered once you hit three or more Snakes on your active reels. And the sweetest part is that when you are playing your bonus games, your wild symbol - King Tut will multiply your prize from 2 to 4 times. So here you get the opportunity to hit the largest payout of $144,000, if you manage to get it all including spin of 3 Bracelets and 2 King Tuts. Above all Boy King's Treasure Slots offer completely random progressive jackpots and literally any player at any point of the game, even if the spin loses, have the opportunity to hit the sweet win. So why not it to be you!?