Crazy Dragon Slots

If you're looking to try something different, Crazy Dragon Slots is for you. With unique Chinese symbols such as: The Yin and Yang symbol, Koi fish, bonsai trees, firecrackers and pagoda-style buildings depicted on screen and backgrounds, this slot game really brings players into the mystical world of dragons and a Chinese atmosphere.

About Crazy Dragon Slot

Crazy Dragons is a 3 reel, 1 pay line classic slot game that has been released by Real Time Gaming, one of the largest casino and gaming software in the world. It features: multipliers, a wild that is a Yin and Yang symbol, free spins round, and a progressive jackpot. The game is a little more complex than it appears, the interface isn't too complicated, however there is a feature in the slot that cannot be left unnoticed...the Dragon. The dragon does not appear as a single icon, but as an image that is built up across the reels of the slot. Players can decide if they want to play a penny slot or higher stakes version by choosing the number of coins they will wager. Values are fixed at $1 per coin, which means that players only need to place three dollar wagers to attempt winning the jackpot.

The games coin size is set at $1, so working out your wager per spin is really easy! Players can place 1, 2, or 3 coins on each line, meaning you can spend $1, $2, or $3 on each spin.

Bonus Features

There are several bonus features offered to players, a wild symbol that is that substitutes any symbol besides the scatter, meaning winning combinations are completed and payouts transpire. It is important to remember that you must bet the maximum of 3 coins to able to win free spins, also called re-spins.

The Chinese Dragon is the bonus symbol icon and is divided into three parts across the reels. If a player bets three coins and collects the dragon's head on the first reel, they get two free spins. Landing on the middle portion is worth five spins, and the dragons full body is equivalent to twenty spins. Players can win the progressive jackpot prize by racking up one hundred or more free spins in a row. There is no limit to the amount of free spins that you can win.

Progressive Jackpot

Winning the Progressive Jackpot is relatively simple compared to the bonus requirements, and winnings are dependent on the number of coins placed on the spin. By winning one hundred re-spins on a single wager grants you the Progressive Jackpot. Players can keep track of credits by monitoring their progress displayed in the counter shown above the slot reels. In addition, you can also win the jackpot by landing three Koi Fish symbols on the reels while betting the maximum wage.

What's not to love about Crazy Dragon slot machine? It has plenty of chances to win countless free spins, has a progressive jackpot and a wild symbol. Gamblers love it! Not to mentions the tunes that play during the game are melodious and catchy.