Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Fan of luxuries and fancy diamonds? Then you are going to enjoy this amazing classic slot by RTG offering all the finest treasures to warm your imagination. In addition to great theme and incredible mood Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots will award you loads of win opportunities and incredible bonuses. Valuable rocks and shiny diamonds of the slot are very generous packed up with the best opportunities for you. As a real classic game you can enjoy lots of juicy cherry symbols and of course a shining sea of diamonds. You will be able to hit great wins while enjoying great quality of the game, amazing background music and the most charming symbols. Above all you will get the sweet opportunity to hit some large jackpots of the game while getting some additional benefits from the generous bonuses that can become available for you as you play on. So for your next shiny experience and large win opportunities go ahead and try out Diamond Mine Deluxe!


You can start enjoying your classic 3 reels 1 payline Diamond Mine Deluxe slots at any time. You can aim on landing as many winning combinations as possible all of which are highly rewarding. In total there are 7 winning combinations which payouts will depend on the amount you decide to bet initially. You can choose to bet the minimum amount of $0.05 or go for bigger wins betting the maximum of $5.00 per spin. You can also decide on the number of coins you wish to play which can be 1, 2 or 3. Hence the maximum amount you can decide to play overall is $15 if you decide to play all the 3 coins at their maximum value. Anything you decide you will always have plenty opportunities to look forward to. There is the useful Autoplay feature offered at Diamond Mine Deluxe slots which you can use during your play. You will be able to control the amount you wish to bet on your each spin as well as the number of spins you wish to have all in advance. You can also decide to stop your sweet Autoplay at any point of the game. Everything for your convenience!


As you could expect from a real classic slot game you will be finding some of the most typical juicy symbols out there including cherries, shiny numbers and great diamonds. Be attentive to notice that some of the bar symbols have a diamond on them that can either face up or face down. This small difference in the symbols can be an additional help for you to complete a winning combination. Make sure to see if the symbol landed above or below your payline and follow the direction of the diamond as it will show which way your extra diamond can be moved to give you a sweet win. This means even if your spin provides no win on your active line the extra diamonds can be moved towards the desired line to make your sweet winning combination. You will also have your most desired wild symbol of 2X icon which you may want to land as often as possible. Your sweet wild will match with any other symbols and will help you form your winning combination which in this case will reward you with already doubles payout! In case you are the lucky player that manages to land 2 of 2X icons at the reels at the same time you will receive quadruple your prizes!

Bonuses and Jackpots

Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots can be very generous when it comes to bonus opportunities. The creators made sure each player feels appreciated by treating them with some crazy jackpots and amazing bonuses. So at this slot you should be ready to hit top jackpots and 2X icon which will award your sweet payouts. Depending on how much you decide to bet initially you can be awarded from $4000 to up to $15.000 jackpot!