Haunted Opera Slots

The Phantom of the Opera is a lasting part of Western culture, and it's the first thing most people think about when they envision theater acting on the big stage. Haunted Opera slots is an eerily romantic rendition of this, and it has a bunch of goodies inside that enhance the gameplay in ways that remind you of the Opera. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines, which makes this a good-sized slot with plenty of ways to win.

One of the game-extending goodies inside is the Free spins feature. It is unique when compared to most other slots because of its ability to immediately trigger an additional bevy of spins. Activate it and you earn 5 extra spins immediately. As you play the game using these and start winning prizes and cash, your winnings may be tripled as long as they occur during a Free spins round. An important symbol is the Phantom of the Opera, himself. If he shows up on the reels, he grants you an extra 3 Free spins right away. Let's check out what the other symbols have to offer.

The lovely lady in Haunted Opera Slots is Christine Daae; she is the woman after whom the Phantom lusts. There's also a Red Rose, the famous White Mask worn by the Phantom, Sealed Letter, Mirror and some of the card numbers from the table game Poker. If you manage to get the White Mask on the reels in the right number and order, then you get sextuple the prizes - your winnings are magnified by a factor of six! All the while, the lovely but brooding gothic scenery dominates the backdrop and defines the game imagery.

Coinage is important in Haunted Opera Slots. You can bet as little as 20 cents or as much as $100. Decide your level of risk after you download the casino software and sign up. Take advantage of the House Welcome bonuses and play to win. Ring in the new year with thousands more dollars than you ended the last year with - play Haunted Opera Slots today.