Monster Mayhem Slots

Monster Mayhem Slots

Want to make friends with some scary but fun monsters? Join the adventure for some real fun and great win opportunities with Monster Mayhem slots by top developer RTG (Real Time Gaming). You have all the great quality, amazingly entertaining characters and loads of wonderful bonuses to make use of. You will visit an amazing world full of some special and scary creatures but instead of getting threatened you will get to join them in exploring some of the most generous treasures and opportunities. The game comes with many bonus symbols and an amazing progressive jackpot. Here you have everything you will ever going to need to enjoy a smooth gaming experience as playing and enjoying the game is always fun and simple. You have the chance of being transported to whole another world while great graphics and amazing sound effects keep you motivated all the time. Try out some thrilling experience and play for fun!

Theme and Symbols

Your sweet and giant monsters are there to take your for an adventure. The entire story is happening in a big city where your friend monsters are terrorising to find all the treasures. As their friend you can join them and become the owner of the top and most shiny treasures. Your great symbols of the game include the City, Police Men, two monsters Smash and Crash, Screaming Ladies, Newspaper, Cameras, Helicopters, Smashed Cars and the Searchlight. Of course you have the sweet bonus symbols including the wild and scattered which have been created to get you some of the best payouts out there. So join your scary and fun friends and start your adventure!


This real series online slots game is a 5 reel, 50 pay line adventure that offers you great betting options. The minimum you can bet at this game is just one cent while if you like to keep it hot and exciting you can bet to up to $5 for each spin. In case you decide to play on all of your great pay lines you are welcome to place your top bet of $250 for each spin. You are of course right if you have guessed that betting at the top amount will get you top payouts. So the game offers some serious payouts and in order to get it you will need to simply keep betting at your maximum amount.


The game also cares about your convenience so here you have some of the most useful features to help you enjoy your time as playing. You have the perfect autospin feature which can be very useful if you want to have several spins at the same time without having to spin the reels manually every time. You can set the number and amount you wish to be on the spins and press start. All the magic will start happening for you from there as you relax and watch the shiny performance.


You are to get the best opportunities here as you play on as your special symbols will start appearing in order to reward you even more generously. First of all the shiny great wild symbol will be a great help for you during your new adventure as it will compensate for the missing symbols in creating the perfect winning combination for you An in case you manage to land this generous symbol on all the 5 reels you will get the top payout of the game which can be worth 2000 coins! As to your amazing scattered symbol, this is even more fun as it goes ahead triggering crazy bonus rounds that come with amazing multipliers and loads of other extra opportunities. No time to get bored here!


In addition to the fixed jackpots which become available to hit when you land appropriate winning combinations there is the sweet progressive jackpot as well. The fixed top 2 jackpots of the sweet 2,500 and 1250 coins are of course something exciting to aim at but when it comes to the progressive one you just can't resist it. The best part here is that the sweet amount of this jackpot keeps increasing and hence as a result you get the chance of hitting some serious wins. Good luck!