Fire Dragon Slots

It is always nice to review a new slot game. One that features the words fire and dragon in its title is surely going to revolve around those very things. You would think so… and yet this one features ninjas! Yes, ninjas. That might be confusing to start with, but if we reveal the presence of a certain Jackie Chan in Fire Dragon game, things might start to fall into place.

You might already have seen him appearing in Eagle Shadow Fist Slots. If not, perhaps the slot game Fantasy Mission Force would seem familiar. Both those slots featured Jackie in full flow, so perhaps this one will too.

About the game

The movie called Fire Dragon didn’t feature Jackie as the star, but he did appear in it. Jackie and martial arts go together like white on rice, so you can imagine how the theme will play out in this game too. Throw in some ninja action and we are ready to begin.

Which slot game developer created this game?

You might already know the first two martial arts titles to feature Jackie Chan were developed by Real Time Gaming. They have created the Fire Dragon slot too, so you know you are in safe hands with RTG. You’ve probably tried a few of their other games, such as The Three Stooges, The Nice List, and Witch’s Brew. Fire Dragon is far from the first Oriental-styled slot to be released by them either. Cai Hong is a great example of another game based on a similar theme.

Should you expect any demo play?

Yes, you can try the game in demo format first if you like. Once you select this mode, you can simply adjust your bet using the demo credits. Nothing real can be won from playing like this, but you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about the game.

What theme is in play here?

The martial arts theme is once again put to good use here. You can also expect the presence of some ninjas if you decide to try the game. They appear in a cut scene when you manage to secure a certain combination of icons in a spin. Read on to learn more.

Game design for Fire Dragon

We love slots set in mountainous surroundings, and this one gives us just that. You can also expect to see some trees, and perhaps even a car heading towards you. The reels themselves are slotted neatly inside a shack out by a dusty road.

If you manage to score some free games in Fire Dragon slots, you will notice the backdrop changes to reveal a temple (we think it’s a temple, anyway) and golden steps. This keeps your interest in what is happening and provides some alternative appeal.

Facts about this slot game type

Expect this one to be a five-reel slot. It provides you with a chance to score some free games, although you won’t find any other type of bonus available. The big attraction for some players will undoubtedly be the progressive jackpot. Only those wagering real-money bets will qualify for a shot at scooping this. There are long odds, but you never know.

One thing we do know is that the progressive pot is linked to the ones appearing in the other two Jackie Chan RTG games. Bear that in mind. Other progressives in the RTG collection are separated from this one.

If you play, you’ll spot Jackie Chan appearing in the game as a substitute icon. Meanwhile, the white mask worn by those ninjas is used as a scatter. You may be able to make use of these if enough of them turn up. More about this shortly.

How many paylines?

You will find 20 lines available to bet on in this game. These can be selected or deselected as you wish. While this gives you greater control over the game, it does mean if you didn’t play one or more lines, prizes could appear on those same lines that you would then miss out on.

Betting options in Fire Dragon slots

While some RTG slots can take several coins per line, this one can only take one. Just select your chosen value underneath the reel set and go from there.

Read the paytable first

We would always suggest this is a good idea. It will help you become more familiar with the game and how it works. If you are ready to give the game a try, you will be far more in tune with what to expect after reviewing the paytable.

Does the game have a bonus round?

No, there is no form of second screen bonus involved in this slot.

Are there any free spins?

Yes, you can secure 10 free games in the Fire Dragon slot. To do this, you must locate the scattered mask three times anywhere on the reels. Once this occurs, you will see a screen appear over the reels. Lots of ninjas appear from above and drop to the ground. They leave the ropes they used in position and throw some smoke bombs. As a distraction, perhaps? We think so, but it shouldn’t distract you from playing the 10 free games that will follow. The screen changes to provide a different backdrop for these, so that looks appealing. You might also watch out for another three masks to appear. Those ninja masks would award another 10 freebies if you were able to find another three of them.

Game RTP info

The return to player (RTP) information will be issued when the game is released. We do not yet have this but will add it once it becomes known.

Our slot game rating

We think this will be another great addition to the Jackie Chan collection. We wonder also if there will be a fourth? However, while we think Fire Dragon is going to be good to play, we cannot rate it properly until its release.

Slot game winners will focus on the jackpot opportunity

If you are keen to play slots that feature progressive jackpots, Fire Dragon will be another one to add to your list. Of course, most players who do snag a prize or two will get far smaller ones. Make sure the game is one you will enjoy before you do anything else.

The chance to play for fun

This will be given to you. Most casinos do permit demo play, although some will ask you to sign up before you get access to this. Others will allow you to play for entertainment without getting a login.

Would you ever play for real money in Fire Dragon slots?

If you would like to try this, following a bout of demo play, make sure you assess those coin values to ensure you are wagering with a bet that suits you.

Mobile play for Android/iOS can be tried too

The Fire Dragon slot will be released for play on all platforms. That includes being able to view and try it on Android tablets and smartphones, and on those using iOS platforms.